Emoji Riddles™ 🤔🧩

Emoji Riddles™ is a novel puzzle game using emojis. Artificial intelligence has been trained on nearly 2000 emojis to create challenging riddles with 😃, ❤️, and 🤷 that are sure to keep you 🤔 and coming back for more!

Brainstorm words and sound out syllables for each emoji to solve each riddle. Play through a hundred levels consisting of popular culture and travel for free, or purchase additional riddle packs for sports, childhood, and business themes. Game play ranges from simple and straightforward to challenging and thought provoking. Give Emoji Riddles™ a try to decipher the Emoji AI!

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The hassle of creating visual object bounding boxes is over. Use Bnotate to quickly zoom and pan images, and tap visual objects and tag them with your best pointing device, your fingers!

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