Guide to Growing Up 🧸 Emoji Riddles

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Emoji Riddles™ are engaging pictogram puzzles for all ages. Relive your childhood memories with the Growing Up riddle pack!

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Difficulty: Easy

Emoji Riddles™: Growing Up by Sidework AI

Puzzles are a great way to keep toddlers and young children entertained while serving as an educational tool. Puzzles allow us to challenge our thinking and exercise our minds. Giggle Magazine

The Growing Up riddle pack includes the timeless classics and new age crazes we share with our children. These riddles use only family friendly emojis and cover topics familiar to today’s youth. Take a walk through the dark forest with Dorothy and relive the nostalgia of 🦁 and 🐯 and 🐻, Oh My! Or bond with Jesse and 🆓 🐳. Bring the joy of childhood puzzles to your children with the these 50 fun emoji riddles.

Bonus Riddles 🧩

Careful, the answers are at the bottom of the page!
  1. Character: 💎🔑  ➕  🐂🏁🥬
  2. Toy: 🔥  🎡

Riddle Pack Stats

The Growing Up riddle pack has a range of riddle categories from books (14 riddles) to food (1). The Emoji AI picked up on our obsession for superheros (4) and princesses (2). She also learned about the lengths we go through to get the hot new toy (Emojist: 🔥 🆕 🎮) for the holidays. She also learned folklores (1), nursery rhymes (1), and fairy tales (1). Toy cars must have been on her mind throughout as 🚗 is tied for the most frequent emoji with four occurrences.

Emoji AI 🧠

Future Author

One day the Emoji AI wants to write her own children’s book. Instead of being scary she hopes to use her knowledge of emojis to be a better storyteller. Being a children’s author sure beats writing boring corporate emails all day. Keep a look out for her first short story coming soon!

  1. Rocky (RockKey) and Bullwinkle (BullWinKale)
  2. Hot Wheels