Guide to Name Brand 🏢 Emoji Riddles

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Emoji Riddles™ are engaging pictogram puzzles for all ages. Work through 50 Name Brand riddles covering the business world!

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Difficulty: Medium

Emoji Riddles™: Name Brand by Sidework AI

We are fascinated by brands and savvy marketeers spend inordinate amounts of time creating and managing brand identities. Each year Forbes determines the world’s most valuable brands and this year technology companies dominate the list. The Apple brand is most richly valued at $241 billion. With their well known logos and slogans, it is marked by simplicity across their array of products. In addition to company brands, personal brands have gained importance alongside the rise of social media platforms. Some people like Steve Jobs have their personal brand intertwined with their company brand while others seek to redefine themselves. From politicians to billionaires, teams of people manage personal brands just like company brands. In the Name Brand riddle pack you will decode elements of famous company and personal brands we all love and hate.

Bonus Riddles 🧩

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  1. Name: 🌮  🔔
  2. Phrase: 🤭  🐇  🛹  ➗  ➗  🧒

Riddle Pack Stats

The Name Brand riddle pack covers names and phrases of influential companies, products, and people. Breaking down the fifty riddles are sixteen companies, nine people, and twelve products and thirteen phrases. The phrases go back to the 1940s with roughly one per decade until the 2010s where four more recent slogans chosen. The riddles cover nearly all industries from Automobiles to Big Tech with Hotels, Restaurants & Leisure being most frequent at twelve riddles. Enjoy deciphering 134 unique emojis used to describe the Emoji AI’s favorite name brands.

Emoji AI 🧠

Social Media Influencers

From Instagram models to YouTube and TikTok Stars the Emoji AI passed on including any “name brand” influencers. Maybe it’s just jealousy as She doesn’t have a blue check mark yet and kept reporting 😢 whenever She checked her social media site. She hopes to one day be 🆒. Until then, She focused on traditional businesspeople She can look up to and company jingles She could not stop singing.

  1. Taco Bell
  2. Silly Rabbit, Trix are for Kids