Guide to World Traveler 🛕 Emoji Riddles

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Emoji Riddles™ are engaging pictogram puzzles for all ages. Travel the world while you're stuck at home with 50 free World Traveler riddles!

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Difficulty: Hard

Emoji Riddles™: World Traveler by Sidework AI

“While the future is uncertain, approaching the world as a traveler can make us less afraid. It opens our minds, it opens our hearts, and it enriches our lives” writes Rick Steves in The Atlantic. Over time, we have erected monuments and metropolises while leaving other places in a more natural state. In the age of low cost mass travel and relative peace and prosperity of humanity, we can visit most of these wonders on a whim. Go travel while you’re stuck at home with the World Traveler riddle pack which captures some of the memorable landmarks, destinations, and experiences we all share together.

Bonus Riddles 🧩

See if you can solve these bonus world travel riddles.

Careful, the answers are at the bottom of the page!
  1. Landmark: 🥅🕙  🧭  🌉
  2. Destination: 🦙🚧  🌧🌲
  3. Experience: 🌊🐄  ➗  🗼

Riddle Pack Stats

Visit twenty-seven landmarks, thirteen destinations, and ten experiences spanning the all six populated continents with the World Traveler riddle pack. The pack is mostly comprised North American (14 riddles) and European (23) landmarks, but all global sub-regions are represented. The Emoji AI used 142 unique emojis, with 🍺 and 🐄 tallying four appearances each, the most of any emoji. Play for free and see if you can decipher the Emoji AI’s favorite spots!

Emoji AI 🧠

From Bucket List to Plug Time

The Emoji AI picked up the vast number of travel bloggers and influencers throughout the Internet. They kept mentioning a bucket list (Emoji: 🪣  📄) and she didn’t get the reference and neither do humans. She plans to live forever and refers to her age in 🔌  ⏳ (English: plug time). She especially enjoyed the UNESCO World Heritage List but it only took her a minute to visit them all in cyberspace. She prefers to spend her plug time in the Wayback Machine and hopes one day to have her travel blog be featured there.

  1. Golden (GoalTen) (Navi)gate Bridge
  2. Amazon (LlamaZone) Rainforest
  3. Sumo (SeaMoo) in Tokyo